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BRAC Smart Office Transformation

Baton Rouge Area Chamber fuels regional growth with a Smart Office transformation

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Powered by smart technology, BRAC’s office is reborn as a modern Center for Economic Development.

Forward thinking, bold and dynamic, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber needed a contemporary office that reflected their mission and personality.
Rather than searching for a new space, BRAC set out to transform their home of 50+ years into a  high-tech, modern building that would drive their economic development efforts.
To realize their vision, BRAC enlisted its IT partner, General Informatics, to design & implement the technology necessary for the building transformation.

Project Highlights

10,800 sq ft. Office Renovation + Expansion
1 Robust Network Upgrade
2 HD Security Cameras
3 Interactive HD Touch Screens
4 Meeting Spaces with HD Audio + Video Conferencing
5 Weeks Project Management & Implementation
6 Entry Point Building Access Control System
7.5 x 9 foot Dynamic Video Wall

Client Profile

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) is the leading economic development organization for the nine-parish Baton Rouge area.
BRAC’s 30+ team members work with economic development partners to grow & diversify the area’s economy.

Client Goals

With the mission to transform their 50-year-old office into a modern Center for Economic Development, BRAC embarked on a 10,000 sq ft renovation and expansion of their headquarters.
BRAC enlisted General Informatics to implement the technology for the building transformation.


General Informatics upgraded BRAC’s network infrastructure to accommodate the staff & visitors in the expanded space.
Four conference spaces were outfitted with smart touch displays + audio and video conferencing systems.
Building Access Control and Video Security systems were implemented.


The project was completed on time and within BRAC’s budget.
With multiple high-tech meeting spaces and a robust network infrastructure, BRAC’s new office is a modern business center where visionaries can meet to brainstorm, problem solve.

Meeting and Collaboration Rooms

As an extensive resource for the business community, BRAC’s office needed meeting spaces that were high-tech but easy-to-use.  To that end, GI designed and implemented four smart conference spaces complete with interactive touch displays for presentation and collaboration plus audio/video conferencing systems to host virtual meetings.


Pitch Room

▪ 86” 4K Ultra HD Touch Display
▪ HD Video Conferencing Camera
▪ Ceiling-mounted HD Speakers & Microphone system
▪ Centralized Control System

Small Conference Room

▪ 55” 4K Ultra HD Touch Display
▪ HD Video Conferencing Camera with integrated Microphone & Speaker

Board Room

▪ HD Projector (Ceiling-mounted)
▪ Projection Wall
▪ Ceiling-mounted HD Speakers & Microphone system
▪ Centralized Control System

Medium Conf. Room

▪ 70” Full HD Touch Display
▪ HD Video Conferencing Camera with integrated Microphone & Speaker
BRAC Smart Office
BRAC Office 3
Dynamic HD Video wall

GI engineers installed six 60-inch HD screens to create a virtually seamless video wall in the Center’s main lobby. Configured with smart management software, the wall displays dynamic videos & graphics to greet visitors.

BRAC now has a vibrant, modern office with the best in technology, not only for their staff, investors and local business community, but also as a powerful statement to host businesses considering bringing new projects to the region.
Network Upgrade

To support the bandwidth requirements of staff & visitors in the expanded space (and allow for future growth), GI upgraded BRAC’s existing network infrastructure.  The upgrade included a new enterprise-grade firewall, POE network switches and Wi-Fi access points.


Video Security Access Control System
General Informatics implemented smart technology to make the Center more secure and efficient:
  • A centrally managed access control system was installed to secure the building’s six entry points. BRAC staff can quickly enter using ID cards.
  • HD Video Security System allows staff to easily access footage when needed.
    Complete Project Management

    From planning and design to procurement and installation, the General Informatics team carefully managed the project to meet BRAC’s budget and timeline requirements. The technology upgrade was completed under budget and on schedule for BRAC’s grand re-opening.

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    BRAC Smart Office Transformation

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