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Forensic Data Recovery Provides Needed Proof

In this post, we examine how General Informatics helped a client with a data recovery operation.  Since the results were needed in court, it was imperative that the information recovered and the process used for the recovery was well documented and precise. 

  • Client: An organization approached General Informatics to assist in a data recovery operation.  Specifically, the client was in a legal dispute and needed retrieval of deleted information allegedly sent from a former employee’s organization-owned machine.
  • Need: Upon receipt of the computer in question, General Informatics began the data retrieval process using industry-recognized standards.  This ensured data integrity in the event the results were used as evidence in court. After analysis of the hardware was complete, General Informatics provided the client with a comprehensive report.  The report detailed the specific data recovery methods used and the information found.
  • Benefit: The information discovered by General Informatics was used as evidence at a hearing between the client and former employee. As a result, this evidence helped bring about a favorable outcome for the client.

Data recovery is only a fraction of the services we can help with.  Contact us if we can help you with this or any other IT issue that’s on your plate.

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Forensic Data Recovery Provides Needed Proof

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