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General Informatics Celebrates Grand Opening in Birmingham

For the past two decades, General Informatics has helped clients leverage technology for growth.

General Informatics celebrates its expansion to the Alabama market with its Grand Opening held in July. On June 1, General Informatics, an IT and network infrastructure company, opened its Birmingham office, the first of three planned locations in Alabama. 

General Informatics’ grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony took place on the terrace of The Offices at 3000 RiverChase. The ribbon cutting took place in support from Hoover Mayor, Frank Brocato, and the Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Where We Are

The new office is located within HAILO Ventures, an organization that enables companies to grow and scale. HAILO’s team of dedicated and proven business experts provide executives and entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to drive revenue, improve operational efficiency, and establish strategies that lead to success. “When the opportunity arose to have General Informatics be a part of HAILO, we were immediately thrilled. It has been incredible seeing what they are doing here in Hoover and the Greater Birmingham Area. I am thankful that HAILO can have a part in their growth,” mentions Selena Harrison, CEO of HAILO Ventures. 

When the opportunity arose to have General Informatics be a part of HAILO, we were immediately thrilled.

What We Do

Since its opening in June, General Informatics has been offering their unique brand of IT services and the market is responding! “General Informatics services and solutions are unmatched. The team here at GI makes every customer a priority, and I am looking forward to helping new customers in Alabama become more successful with our technology offerings,” says Ches Allen, General Manager for the Alabama Market.  

Who We Are

In 2001, General Informatics opened its doors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and currently has locations in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jackson, Mississippi, and now Birmingham, Alabama. The next phase of growth includes entering other markets within Alabama, as well as Texas, Mississippi, and the Florida panhandle. General Informatics boasts an exemplary team of more than 70 engineers, programmers, and designers throughout the southeast region and has projections showing its headcount eclipsing 100 before the year’s end.  

“I like to think of General Informatics as a 20-year-old start up. The service delivery model we offer is second to none, and we continue to focus on hyper-growth, hyper-investment, and hyper-opportunity,” says Don Monistere, CEO & President of General Informatics. “We have to do our part of investing in our people, investing in our customers, and investing in the community. I don’t want to see people accepting anything other than excellence. If you are, then you can come to GI and be a part of an amazing organization,” says Monistere. 

With a continuously growing portfolio of diverse technology offerings, General Informatics has helped clients enjoy momentous growth through innovations in technology and service delivery. General Informatics is the fastest growing IT services provider in the Southeast and is the leading IT partner for businesses, schools, and government agencies spanning the Gulf Coast. 


Ches Allen
General Manager, General Informatics
Phone: 205-413-4454
Email: callen@geninf.com

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About General Informatics

General Informatics was founded in 2001 with a mission of making their clients even more successful through the best use of technology.

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Meet Our CEO & President

Don Monistere

Don Monistere is an Entrepreneur, Published Author and Accomplished Executive.

Monistere is the CEO and President of General Informatics. Monistere joined the General Informatics team in 2020 and has been actively growing its reach since. General Informatics is one of the fastest growing IT services providers in the Southeast and is considered the leading IT partner for businesses, schools, government agencies, and for the financial and maritime industry.


General Informatics Celebrates Grand Opening in Birmingham

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