Hurricane-Ready: 3 Critical Items That Should be on Your Emergency Prep Checklist

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With hurricane season in full swing, ensure your business is prepared to recover quickly after a storm hits. One area business owners often forget to include in their hurricane prep is technology.  For example, the servers, PCs, phones, etc. that helps keep their office up & running.  As you review and test your emergency preparedness plan, keep in mind these tips to ensure your technology is ready when the time comes.


We can’t stress this enough: a solid backup of your data (client files, accounting info, HR records, etc.) is essential to returning your business to normal operations.

Perform backups frequently and test them regularly to ensure files can be restored when you need them.

Backup critical data offsite or in the cloud.  This ensures the files are protected in the event of a fire or flood at your office. With a cloud backup solution, your data is stored in secure, high-availability, geo-redundant servers. This means you can access the files you need and get back to work in minutes, not days.


A storm need not be a major hurricane to cause damage. Louisiana’s frequent summer thunderstorms can wreak havoc on your equipment if not properly protected.

Invest in UPS battery backups to protect against sudden outages or power surges.  These devices allow for equipment to be shut down gracefully. Be sure to test the UPS on a regular basis to confirm the battery is in good condition.

To prevent water damage in case of a flood, avoid placing PCs, servers, network switches, etc. on the floor of your office. Keep your IT equipment at least 18 inches off the ground, and if possible, install critical equipment on an upper floor.


Landlines and mobile voice communication are unreliable during and immediately following a disaster.  To stay connected with your employees and clients, use an emergency notification system to quickly send broadcast messages via text or email. If you already have a system in place, make sure your team’s contact information is up-to-date and test your system at least once each year.

Need help with any or all of the above?  Give us a call – our experts are here to help prepare your business for hurricane season and beyond.

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Hurricane-Ready: 3 Critical Items That Should be on Your Emergency Prep Checklist

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