Inside Look at GI’s CSM Role

What is a CSM and what can they do for you?

Who or what is a CSM?  Further, how does a CSM help your business?  In this episode, GI’s Nick Morgan sits down with Stephen Cavell to discuss the facets of the CSM role.   

What is General Informatics’ Customer Success Manager (CSM) role? 

The General Informatics’ CSM role is designed to be a non-commissioned resource acting as a client advocate. 

How many CSMs work for General Informatics? 

Currently, there are five CSMs on the General Informatics team.  They are:
 Stephen Cavell
Chris Campbell
Haggai Davis
Cherita Taylor
Drew Gallmann

How are CSMs dispersed amongst clients? 

When a customer signs on and joins the GI family, a CSM is assigned to them.  The client’s CSM is responsible for the health of that customer experience.

How do CSMs ensure our clients are taken care of? 

As a CSM, we meet regularly with key decision makers and stakeholders. We strive to understand what drives their business.

Clients’ goals change. How do CSMs approach that change? 

The services a company onboards with may not be aligned with their goals five years down the road. In the CSM role, our job is to focus on finding services aligning with our clients’ vision and helping their growth.  

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Inside Look at GI’s CSM Role

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