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Police Department Secures Information & Maximizes IT with Backup Solution

This results study focuses on how the Baker Police Department implemented a reliable backup solution, all without breaking the bank.

  • Client: The Baker Police Department, led by Chief Mike Knaps, is responsible for enforcing the laws of Louisiana in the city of Baker.
  • Situation: After a failed attempt restoring data from its archaic backup system – which was set up by a local computer guy – Baker Police Department decided to overhaul their backup system without breaking the bank.
  • Solution: General Informatics provided its award-winning TotalCARE Vault solution that doubles as a backup server in case of a server failure.  Additionally, it simultaneously backs up the information offsite to a remote data center. The solution guarantees the security of the data and quick recovery and restoration with its onsite appliance.
  • Benefit: Baker Police Department’s biggest asset, its information, is now 100% secure from both accidental issues and disasters. The police station is in compliance and can confidently use its IT systems without having to worry about protection.

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Police Department Secures Information & Maximizes IT with Backup Solution

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